Bubbles with Christin Clausen Bruun

SubjectBubbles with

Playfulness means joy

I try not to take everything and everyone too seriously, then playfulness automatically becomes part of everyday life.

Who lives here? Christin, Anton and their children Algot and Idun.

Instagram account? @midiss

Works? Communicator

Playful but cozy



Do people see that you are a person who loves color and playfulness?


They do! I get the most comments when I'm not wearing any color. Even though there are moments when I think it's nice to blend in with the grey winter sky. 


What is your favorite color vs. least favorite color?


Pink has been my base color for a long time, and it's still a favorite that I always come back to. If I must choose the least favorite, it would be turquoise.


What is the most colorful place you have visited?


Hmm, difficult question! Everything from Ystad's street houses to the Louisiana Museum in Denmark has offered different variations of color inspiration. 


What does color mean to you - when you dress, when you decorate, and in life as a whole?


Color is life, it feels kind and caring. And forgiving! If color were a person it would be excellent and highly sympathetic!


Is there a room or project that you are most proud of in your home?


I'm happy that we dared to paint the apartment before we moved in. I was confident in my choices, despite some concerns here and there. The green room was something some were worried about because it would be too dark, but it turned out so well! All the colors in the apartment work together. 


What is the first thing your guests usually notice when they come to your home?


Many people say it's cozy, sometimes they're a little surprised. 


What is your favorite room at home - and why?


It changes a bit all the time as we get more organized. We moved in a year ago, so no room is finished, and when we add new item to any of the room, it suddenly becomes my favorite. 

Interior becomes personal

Take that extra fifteen minutes.
Christin Clausen Bruun


What are your tips for getting more sparkling and colorful moments in the middle of a weekday?


My best tips are to take an extra fifteen minutes, it often gives such incredible quality of life to take a walk during lunch, breathe deeply, and give yourself some time. More concretely, it could be to match something pink with green (always a nice combo), buy a cookie for your coffee, or place a bouquet on the kitchen table in the middle of the week. 


Who is the most playful person you know and why?


The most playful person is probably our friend Gudmund. He is very initiative and quite strongly concept - driven - albeit unconsciously. It's like having themed days with him, everything from pizza in a homemade oven, and ice cream parties with homemade ice cream, to pressing his apples. It's fun! 


What is the most playful decoration you have at home - tell its story.


I think it's my painting. I've started replacing my digitally printed posters with painted originals. It adds a certain depth to the decor


When decorating with color, what do you think about scales and tones? Is it important for them to match and harmonize?


I often have a clear idea in my head that can sometimes be difficult to put into words. For me, interior design is like putting together a puzzle, I can see when a piece is missing or when something has been placed incorrectly. But I never follow any general rules.

Put together your puzzle

Our apartment feels like home and a place we could land.
Christin Clausen Bruun


What is the latest place you visited that gave you interior design inspiration?


Örum 119 in Österlen, is a very nice place where they have worked through the entire concept, and there is a common thread through everything, while it's still cozy and personal. It's not at all like home, but thats why i appreciate it even more.


Say something that was extra meaningful to you in 2022.


Our new apartment felt like home and became a place we could land when life was shaky elsewhere. And we traveled to Gran Canaria with my little brother and his family after years of pandemic and closed borders between us!


Describe your home in three words.


Cozy, fun and often messy.


Before falling asleep, what's the last thing you think about?


I usually think about my kids and if they did something cute or funny. It's a cozy way to fall asleep. 


Three tips on how to create a more playful home!


Don't be afraid of color, work with accent colors, and mix something with a completely different style! 

4 quick ones ...

Favorite mix?

Mixing color with natural materials, like light wood.

Which color do you prefer to max out?

Pink, but preferably several different colors together.

What's the latest thing you've Googled?

Armchairs - so hard to find one that's stylish but also cozy

Three favorite products from Byon:

Vase Crumple - french tulips in this and you're all done!

Candle holder Calore (black/beige) - maxes out the coziness!

Bathrobe Rio (green/white) - fun and cozy textiles elevate everyday cozy!