Summer deal - 30% Opacity 6-pack

Opacity is the glass series which is beauty itself, luxuriously simple with a feeling of bold elegance. When you set the table with Opacity something happens. You cannot get enough of this gorgeous series in thin sheer glass with discreet texture. Therefore it holds everything from drinking glass to champagne coupe. And a lovely jug as well, of course.

Until 11/8-2024 you will get 30% off of all 6-packs in Opacity serier.

The world of Byon


Life is here and now. In the seemingly insignificant moments, in the energy-filled highlights and in everything in between.

And it was right here, in this everyday universe, that Byon was created. In the longing for more colour, humour and playfulness in interior decorating we began to create design which makes us feel good and which opens up for fantasy to bloom while remaining functional. Here, in Byon’s world, we create room for creativity and personality. Here you and we can be all ourselves. Welcome in!