Regal as a rooster – Fruity Bowl Rooster

Confident and stylish with maximum charisma, makes it the king in every room.

Like a work of art, Rooster excudes an irresistible combination of humor, charm, and playfulness It becomes the king in every room, confident and stylish with maximum charisma. An ultimate eye-catcher we all long for, a piece that lightens the atmosphere and adds the unexpected and amusing when we create our home.

Limited edition

Rooster is sure to be a regal detail on the Easter table, in the window, on the shelf, or anywhere. Fill it with fruit, plant a flower, or serve snacks – or simply let it stand as it is, brilliant in its extravagant grace.

As rare as it is popular, our fantastic Fruity Bowl Rooster! So beloved that it barely had time to land in the warehouse before selling out. At selected retailers, there's still a chance to get your hands on your own Rooster – but tick-tock, the clock is ticking!

Run to your nearest store, or shop online to get your hands on your own Rooster 

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