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Bubbles with Emma Widell

Her home shines like a creative soul. But then Emma Widell is an artist and a potter, something that is reflected in her home. She, her partner Johannes and puppy Beppe live in a turn of the century apartment in Malmö. They have preserved the apartment’s history and charm and enhanced it with colour and shapes. Everyone is welcome to the Widell home, preferably at the same time, and they can have their own key.   Welcome to Emma Widell to be inspired by bubbles, art, ceramics and beautiful things.

Who lives here?Emma Widell with partner Johannes and the Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Beppe.

Instagram? emma.widell

Works with? Is an artist, potter and social pedagogue.

We wanted a home for friends and family, where we can create memories, have dinners and late night parties. 

Emmas living room


Which is the most momentous tangible you own – tell us its history and why it’s so special?

Actually, I've never really held on to things I owned. As I have moved many times, I have misplaced lots of things which have had some kind of sentimental value. That in itself probably says a lot. My parents still remind me of the rocking horse my grandmother left me which I have lost, or the lovely service that disappeared. Of course, there are things in our home I feel something extra about, many I have made myself, like paintings or my first ceramic cup. I have also collected some vintage and auction items which mean a little extra to me.


What is and does interior decorating mean to you?


Interior decorating is an extension of myself, who I am and a lifestyle. To me it’s important my home is a place where I can be creative and feel inspired. It’s important it is a little “not so perfect” and that it mirrors who I am. I also work a lot from home, I have my studio here which also gives the place some character.


A lot in our home is up in the air at the moment as we moved in just four months ago. I like the feeling that the home is complete while still in progress all the time. To my partner’s despair, ha ha. He can arrive home one day and the apartment is totally refurnished. So far there is not a single carpet or curtain in our home. Which is fine as the puppy Beppe also moved in and he likes to chew on things. 



Which is your favourite room at home – and why?


The living room! There is our bay window which I believe is the best thing in our apartment. Moreover, the living room is the core of the place. 


When people come to your home what do you want them to feel? How do you create that feeling?


I want them to appreciate the lovely feeling we have in our apartment. That it’s cozy and not so perfect, that they can feel at home. I love to have people in our house, friends are welcome to stay for a long time and can get their own key. Our apartment is located right in the middle of the “walking street” in Malmö and basically all our friends can be here at the same time. That in particular was important when we were looking for an apartment. We wanted a home for friends and family, where we can create memories, have dinners and late night parties. 

Emmas bedroom

I love art, both my own and that of other artists. At our place you’ll find paintings in every corner.

One and the same interior decorating style throughout the home or different in every room? Why?

Basically, do your own thing. I don’t keep track of interior decorating styles. I don’t know if I even have one? At the moment I collect things I’m extra fond of and let them live here with us. I have some kind of common thread throughout all rooms, but I think you should do whatever you like.

Which is the latest place you visited that gave you decorating inspiration?

Johannes has a family home in Dalarna, Sweden. We spent almost the whole summer there and for me that was the first time. I was totally sold on the lovely environment and not to mention the interior decorating – wow! There I got heaps of inspiration. I love when you choose to keep most of the charm and don’t over renovate the house when it has a history to preserve. Our apartment house is from 1897 and I love our old, creaky floors.


Which are your best tips for more sparkling moments on a day in the middle of the week?


Invite your best friend for pizza and red wine! Light candles throughout the apartment, put on a great movie and snuggle up on the couch with cushions and blankets. That’s my sparkling advice! 


Things or persons making you bubble?


Spending time with family and friends is the most important thing for me and which makes me bubble. But also, to check out various auction sites and look for interior design and furniture, perhaps finding something unique.


Is there an achievement you are extra proud of?


I am really bad at reflecting on what I accomplish or what I’m doing. But I’m proud that I dare to test new things and to challenge myself. During the pandemic, when my creative inspiration dried up, I joined a ceramics course. There I found the love for clay – I’m actually proud of that.


What’s the first thing you think (of) when you wake up?


I’m in to romanticizing my mornings, it makes them a bit cozier. First thing in the morning Beppe and I take a nice morning stroll, then we go back to bed with something hot to drink and watch the morning news. After that the day starts for real. 


You are an artist, how does your art reflect the way you decorate?


I got a comment the other day that my home “shines like a creative soul”, which made me very happy. I think it’s really nice that the creativity shows! I love art, both my own and that of other artists. At our place you’ll find paintings in every corner. I also decorate a lot with ceramics. If I have made a stylish cup, I put it on a shelf so it can show off. All my art is very much about myself and my journey. I think that can be seen in my interior decorating as well. It’s simply me.


What does colour mean to you – when you get dressed, when you decorate and in life as a whole?


We have a lot of colour at home, both on the walls and in the interior. My latest favourite is orange. When we moved in, I had an idea to paint all the rooms in sparkling colours. The bedroom is my favourite, it’s painted in a light yellow nuance which lifts the whole room. The kitchen was first painted in pink, but I got tired of that and about a month later it was painted in a calmer beige tone and I added colour with things instead. I think I tried to compensate for all my previously white homes. It’s fun to experiment with colours and that is something I’m not afraid of doing. As an artist you know you can always repaint. Colour means a lot to me and it’s with me every day, when I paint or when I glaze my ceramics. When it’s about how I dress there is very little colour, but sometimes I spice it up. Life is more fun when you add colours.

5 quick ones …

The same or different?



Favourite mix?

Old and new


What do you prefer to maximize the most?



The most playful thing you have at home?

My zink shelf, it’s playful and funny.


What’s the latest thing you’ve googled?

Panton chairs, the only thing I want right now, in all colours, ha ha.


Three favourite products from Byon.

Wine glass Eva, the red/orange lantern Calore and the blue Triton vase.