Momentous Tangibles SS23

The sky is not the limit – it’s just the beginning!

It never rains in Byon’s world! Here it’s pouring down colourful expectations...

...and convincing surprises which give the everyday a little more va-va-voom, power and great laughs. And just so relaxed and crazy it continues when we now step into a flowering spring and summer although the world around us still has an aura of uncertainty. With a big heart we still stand up for differences and let playfulness be on top of everything we do. Mira, our constant follower and implementer of #bubblesforeveryday invites us to a party with the theme The sky is not the limit – it’s just the beginning!

The spring collection has no limits and just like the sky it’s beautifully blue.

The spring collection has no limits and just like the sky it’s beautifully blue. This colour which symbolizes water and not least strength is one of the strongest and most dominant colours of the season. Together with tones of green and yellow in contrast to the lively red, we like to mix them all. This year’s white colour is more often than not shiny and is seen as more of an accent colour than a basic one. The materials are mixed. Porcelain, dolomite and glass are combined with textiles made of organic cotton. We set the table by the pool or by the sea and in a medley of colours. Fruits are crowded by vegetables and shells. All iconic to Byon. The poppy collection makes the playful aspect sing and soften up and makes us think of a messy summer meadow. The shapes are odd, playful, soft and twisted. As always, you and your imagination create magic, making Byon and everything possible.

Welcome to a new Byon season.

Momentous Tangibles SS23

In the colorful spring and summer collection, you can dream away, feel the opportunities and ignore all obstacles.

A little more va-va-voom, power and great laughs.

Crumple (NEWS)

Vase Crumple makes us think of a crumpled bag flirting with beautiful origami. Loved and cherished in white or power blue,where it becomes cocky, outgoing and self-confident. A work of

art which catches the eye – with or without flowers.

Grape (NEWS)

Before it was even born, it was iconic as the product everyone immediately loves. A chunky plate made of grapes in a beautiful purple-burgundy color, which takes it's place without being ashamed. Grape is a plate that perks up and is refreshingly decorative. Use it as itself or combine with other fruits in Byons assortment - and the fruit salad will be completed. 

My name is Luca (NEWS)

Once again, the sea has inspired us. This because under the sea surface patterns and shapes are created which feel close and yet far away. Luca candle holder has an organic, imaginative pattern picked up from the sea floor. In power blue colour this is one of the season’s statement products – a candle holder which all homes need.

Ofcourse, everyone is welcome!