The world of Byon

SubjectOur world
Life is here and now. In the seemingly insignificant moments, in the energy-filled highlights and in everything in between.

And it was right here, in this everyday universe, that Byon was created. In the longing for more colour, humour and playfulness in interior decorating we began to create design which makes us feel good and which opens up for fantasy to bloom while remaining functional. Here, in Byon’s world, we create room for creativity and personality. Here you and we can be all ourselves. Welcome in!

We are so happy that you have found your way here, to the world of Byon, a universe filled with color, shape, playfulness and creativity.

Playfulness and curiosity characterizes us from top to toe. The boundary between imagination and reality drives us when we develop and turn out products and collections. Nothing is either right or wrong in Byon’s world. Here you can be yourself and our motto “dare to take up space, put your foot down and stand up for differences” is included in all our communication. Wholeness is important. Therefore we want to give you everything from collection to inspiration, delivery and personal contact. We want you to feel safe in your choices. If they are what you have been looking for or something completely different from what you first thought, we are there for you. For us it’s a favour to get to share interior decorating with you. And we are proud to be the colourful challenger who dares to take up space and go our own way.

Our philosophy of life

#bubblesforeveryday is the life philosophy which rules everything in Byon’s world, like fundamental laws but actually vice versa. A lot in life is arranged and boring. Life should be lived quite differently, joyfully, mischievously and full of surprises. That’s when everyday magic and happiness is created, we believe. We have chosen to call it “Bubbles for every day”, the moments created in between all have-to-do things, which give the everyday a silver lining.

Bubbles for every day – Our inspiration and guide in life!


Rules are made to be broken 

Nothing is wrong as long as you think it’s right. Challenge norms and think differently!

Dare extra anything! 

Colours, patterns and shapes – it can never be too much.

Don’t take it for what it is but for what it can become. 

See the potential in everything. Things are so much more than what they seem at first glance.

To be kind is always right 

Write a secret note to someone you like, tell when someone is good and hug as often as you can. 

Collect as many smiles as possible, every day! 

Give a smile and you will probably get one back. If nothing else you’ll make someone happy.


Get a supporter – we’re happy to be one! 

A whole fan club or a porcelain animal, regardless who or what it is you should always have someone believe in you, in what you’re doing and want to accomplish.

Sparkle up the everyday!

You feel good about shaking up your everyday life as often as possible. Drink your morning juice in the champagne glass, set a party table on a Wednesday, serve popcorn with the afternoon coffee break or why not create everyday magic by drinking everything with a straw.

Turn Mondays into Fundays!

Make Monday into the weekly pep-up day! Buy Monday flowers instead of a Friday bouquet, top it up with ice cream and set the table like at a restaurant. 

Enjoy the party as much before and after as during!

We long for the weekend, the trip or the party and forget to enjoy things in between. The moments which all have a purpose in life but which we forget while life keeps on running fast.

May all your troubles be bubbles!

Don’t forget to look up at the sky now and then. With a perspective on life things get easier, more imaginative and happier.

Welcome to our world! May all your troubles be bubbles.
Team Byon