Have you ignite it yet?

Ignite takes you on the journey into Byon's colourful and playful world.

A colour universe demands its own signature scent.

The room fragrance Ignite has drawn inspiration from Byon's distinctive collections, taking us on a journey from fruity notes of citrus, through flowers and spicy cinnamon, to cedarwood and vanilla.

The scent is crucial to how something feels and is experienced – an integral part of memories and connections to a place. It forms the piece of the puzzle that creates wholeness, binds together details, and shapes the atmosphere in a home or a room. Just like every luxurious hotel or exclusive destination, Byon aims for its own signature scent. The Ignite series takes you on the entire journey, into Byon's colourful and playful world, ensuring you never leave it behind.

A room fragrance that is unisex and easy to love.

From fruit to power

The process behind Ignite has taken its time. It has been tested and evaluated many times over, countless noses have had their say before we settled on the series we now call Ignite. A room fragrance that is unisex and easy to love.

The inspiration for the top notes comes from Byon's fruit collection, the heart notes represent the brand's flower collection, and the base notes, with cedarwood as a central part, symbolise strength, confidence, and security. Ignite is a scent that not only unleashes our creativity but also gives us the courage to be ourselves – just as we are. Ignite is a surprising fragrance. Depending on how long the light is lit, different notes are released, creating varying feelings.

Ignite scent notes

Top: strawberries, apple

Heart: roses, cinnamon, cedarwood

Base: tonka beans, vanilla

Top note:

The top note is the first impression of a scent and is intended to arouse curiosity. Top notes are bright and volatile; they disappear quickly, and the effect of the top note diminishes after a short while. Ignite introduces top notes of citrus, strawberries, and apple - scents associated with the kitchen that are easy to appreciate.


The choice of heart notes, also known as middle notes, defines the character or heart of a scent. These notes act as a bridge between deep, heavy base notes and light, fresh top notes. In the case of Ignite, the heart notes consist of flowers, which are intense, rich, sensual, and sweet. These notes are balanced by a secure and powerful tone of cedarwood and cinnamon.

Base note:

Base notes form the foundation of a perfume. These oils have a deep character and develop their scent over several hours. A base note can be considered the very essence of a fragrance blend, even if it is not always the most prominent scent. In Ignite, we include tonka beans and vanilla in the base notes, which often emerge just before the light extinguishes.

Caring for your light

To ensure that our scented candles stay in the best condition possible, here are some useful tips

• Trim the wick regularly to ensure a smooth and even flame. This is also important to avoid an uneven burn top and prevent the wick from becoming jagged and falling down.

• Avoid letting the candle burn for too long, as unnecessarily long burning times can lead to overheating of the wax and create craters in the wax.

• If craters form in the candle, smooth out the wax when it is warm.