Flower up your Holiday with Byon

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Written byByon
This is a playful Holiday guide for you, your home, and your loved ones sparkled with flowers and some extra #bubblesforeveryday.

Because it should be easy to create that holiday vibe that you like and want. You don't have to be traditional or always buy new things and details; it's all about daring to think differently and being playful. Something we believe we master with style. You know #bubblesforeveryday EVERYDAY!

5 tips for a more colourful and playful Christmas

1. Flowers can be used in so many ways

Flowers can be used in so many ways and don't necessarily have to be associated with summer. For us, they are an equally important detail all year round. Use fresh flowers in your table setting, or why not dried ones, as you can use them over and over again. Alternatively, fold flowers out of, for example, tissue paper and tie them to the pine branches to add a more playful feel to your bouquet.

2. The beloved bow

The bow - we see it everywhere, and it's not strange at all. Because it looks so nice. We tie bows around the cutlery, around the glass, in the pine branches, in the hair, and, of course, also in the Christmas tree. Can you think of a place where it doesn't fit?

3. Textile, textile, textile

Textile, textile, textile – it can never be said too many times that it's essential to achieve that warm and inviting feeling. But also from a use-and-reuse perspective. A napkin doesn't have to be just a napkin; it can be used as wrapping, a bow, a coaster, and much more. Let your imagination set the limits.

4. Your imagination is your best friend

Just because it's Christmas, it doesn't have to be traditional, let the playfulness find its way here too. Mix colours, shapes and materials and use products that you already use on a daily basis. Just give them a new Christmas outfit. 

And do napkin rings have to be just napkin rings, glasses just glass and the Christmas candlesticks look exactly the same? In Byon's world, the napkin rings are very nice to hang on the tree or the Christmas tree. Glass in different shapes make perfect pots for the hyacinths and the Advent candlesticks can easily be made with candlesticks in different shapes and colours that you already have at home.

5. Plant Christmas flowers in glass from Byon

Christmas flowers are not only beautiful, they smell seductively good too. But we don't plant the Christmas flowers like everyone else, we choose odd glasses. Mixes different varieties and likes to put them together for a beautiful silhouette.