Grand opening Byon

SubjectOur world, Right now
Byon loves to challenge and surprise, which is done with a lot of self-confidence and a warm heart. Our new store concept has contrasts as a keyword which will make us react and act.

Play with us

WHAT : Byon brand store Grand opening

WHEN: 2nd of June

WHERE: at (Åhlens City Stockholm), second floor.

Byon has over time become a concept which includes more than just interior design. It’s a way of seeing every day and life as a whole. Something that will set the tone when we now open our first brand store at Åhléns City in Stockholm, Sweden. Like a world of its own filled with unexpected colour combinations, energy and playfulness. When you’re there you never want to go home!

Our life philosophy differs from many other brands. Byon has to be experienced. We are a world that includes playful design with lots of colour, inviting shapes and an attitude. With our own brand store, we think more people will understand our concept and what we want to communicate.

Our brand store will be as Byon, maximized and mixed with unexpected combinations of colours, shapes, patterns and textures. Here everything is right and nothing wrong. A playful free zone in everyday life

And we are, of course, so excited about this opening. Come by and say hi, talk about colours and interior decorating with our staff, get inspired and join our opening party. 

Don’t be late, just bring bubbles. #bubblesforeveryday