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Why should the thread be red when it can be blue?

The era of dull colour palettes is over. Colour makes us feel good; use one, several, or just your favourite. This season, we are particularly enchanted by blue. Blue as a base colour, as a contrasting colour, in blocks or tone-on-tone. Blue in an already colourful home or in one with a base of white and beige. Blue fits everywhere, says the colour inspirer, creator, and stylist Kine Vinje; it's all about how you combine it.

Blue is often associated with calm and harmony because it's a colour found in nature, such as the sea and the sky. Nature's blue usually contains several different shades, which is why blue tones can often be combined and create a lovely dynamic together. While light blue tones often create a relaxed atmosphere, strong blue hues provide energy and strength. Power blue, clear blue, and Klein blue are tones that can make an entire room bubble and come to life. 

Kine Vinje is a colourful inspirer and stylist. Blue is one of her go-to colours that she loves to use when decorating and setting the table. Her interior design philosophy is simple; why should the thread be red when it can be blue?


How do you prefer to use blue when decorating?


Blue colour can provide a pleasant calm, but also a sense of strength. It entirely depends on the shade of blue one chooses. I love working with shades that go tone-on-tone, different shades of blue. In my son's room, it's blue from floor to ceiling (except for all the soft toys, of course). By using several different tones, a sense of calm and security is created in an important place for a six-year-old boy. But in my living room, I want a fresh and strong feeling, so there I've used blue as a contrasting colour. 

Decorating with blue is not just about choosing the right colour but also about thinking about how you combine different shades and materials. By playing with contrasts and complementary colours, you can create a unique and personal feeling in your home.


If you could choose a blue product from Byon that you love a little extra, what would it be?


I love the Crumple vase in blue. It really stands out and becomes an eye-catcher! Additionally, I am incredibly fond of Rooster. It reminds me of old times, when I was at my grandma and grandpa's house. It gives a feeling of security, something that is needed in these times. Moreover, it attracts attention and can be used in several ways, both as an exciting vase or as a fantastic fruit bowl.

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Kine's tips when decorating with blue and beyond:

• It's allowed to be playful when decorating, and just a small product in clear blue can energize an entire room.

• Color blocking is effective and something I like to use. It means using a blue hue in distinct blocks, i.e., blue on blue on blue, to create an eye-catching effect.

• Feel free to mix and match different tones and parts of blue when setting the table. Blue crockery is as modern as it is classic. Dare to mix, it creates a more personal touch.

• When styling with blue, try to incorporate a few more blue elements in the room so that everything ties together more.

• Choose a focal point, such as the Crumple vase, and build the entire room around it.

• Blue can help create a summery look when matched with warm colours but is equally beautiful during autumn and winter with cooler shades.

• The combination of clear blue and pink is a favourite that everyone should try.

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