Come and play with us

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Now the kick-off goes to a new playful byon world with an unbeatable winning feeling!

Are you ready? The starting signal has been given for a new playful Byon World with an unbeatable feeling of winning. The shape is there when we open up the borderlines between fashion, sports and interior decorating. The bar is raised and the bow is drawn but it’s you who set the pace, who choose the style. The result speaks for itself when messy patterns, bold colours and sustainable materials cross the finishing line. While ovations abound we carry on playing with ideas and creating possibilities which give you the courage to jump from the highest diving-board straight into freedom and land on top of the podium – again and again!

The bar is raised and the bow is tightened, but it is you who determine the pace, who sets the style.

In Byon’s new collection Come play with us we mix all that we love: games, sport, textile and water with our main rule that there are no rules! A powerful motto which creates courage, freedom and a solid foundation to stand on. Mix what you love, enjoy the colours, patterns and the shapes which are born. In the season’s collection we let the textiles help themselves to happy explosive colours, with playful Byon squares and timeless stripes as a correct contrast. Bathrobes, towels and bags in environmentally friendly materials are only a few examples from a sustainable assortment which also contains a lovely mixture of lifestyle favourites and answers the question why Byon is in a class of its own.

See the whole collection (here)

In the collection, we let the textiles take over in just happy and explosive colors, with playful byon checks and timeless stripes as the correct contrast.

Mix what you love, enjoy the colors, patterns and shapes that are born.