Decorate playfully

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Mixed, unmatched and playful. Preferably big, extreme and too much of everything.

Our most important rule is that interior decoration should be fun. Our home is after all our most important and significant nest. Now we presents six simple tips how you can decorate in a more playful way. 

We at Byon know that the right feeling is best created when you choose the decoration with your heart. To be bold and combine colours and shapes making you smile and feel great. These are our best tips:

The amount of colors and shapes is many and it is difficult to know what suits your home

6 tips – this is how you decorate more playfully

1. Use a product as colourant

A good way to start with colours is to mix in lanterns in different nuances. In the beginning stay with two or three colours. Check which colours you feel the most for. There can be a difference between liking a colour and living with it at home. Byon’s lantern Calore is a perfect way of adding colour to your home. It’s available in many different nuances and makes it easy to find new tones. Start for example by changing white details into light yellow, rust or beige ones. Also green is a harmonious colour which is easy to like.

2. Put the colour in the center

In a colourless room a good trick is to use blocks of colours to create a new playful life. Blocks mean that the colour reappears in several places in the room. For example, paint the display cabinet in yellow or change the colour of the wooden chairs into red or blue. Then catch the colours in small details around the room. Definitely an easier way than repainting the whole room and it will still create a lovely enjoyable feeling. Moreover, it is a great first step towards becoming more bold and playful.

3. Light colourful candles in the candle holder

Lately we have seen how the candles shifted in colours, shapes and patterns. This is a perfect way to bring some colour into your life. Our tip is to also dare mix candle holders in different colours and materials and preferably in varying sizes as well. It will be even lovelier if you decorate using them as a cluster creating a grand impression. In an otherwise toned-down home this will be like painting with water colours on a white canvas. So simple and so lovely!

4. Create a tone-in-tone still life of various favourite details

A still life is a creative way of making places which are otherwise empty nice. By collecting things and ornaments you make your own piece of art on a shelf, a table or bench. A still life is also a good way of adding details which can otherwise be difficult to include in the decoration and they also provide a new dynamic to the room. For more playful still life we recommend to try tone-in-tone, which means to create a still life of products in the same range of nuances. A tone-in-tone still life in colour makes the room more playful and catches the eye. The room pops up and captures the viewer’s curiosity.

5. Create the Monday bouquet tone-in-tone and match with the decoration

We love Mondays and wish to do everything to make them extra great. That’s why Byon has for a long time recommended the Monday bouquet. A bunch of flowers which makes the week so much lovelier. To make the bouquet more playful choose flowers in the same nuances. Together they create a tone-in-tone bouquet. It’s even greater when it matches the tone of the other decorations in the room. A childishly simple tip which straight away creates colour, shape and playfulness.

6. Pick up your favourite colours from your favourite cushion

A simple way to begin with colour is to start with something you like. That means decorating with your heart. Choose a product which has a playfulness, shape and colour you appreciate and use this product as a map and starting point when you decorate the rest of the room. We have chosen the cushion Pompom Multi which has round shapes and several colours. These we have then picked up in the rest of the room to create a harmonious balance between shape and colour.

Welcome to our world! May all your troubles be bubbles.
Team Byon